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  • Spring 2023 Workshop

Spring 2023 Workshop

  • May 16, 2023
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • UNC-Wilmington CMS Auditorium


  • Includes Registration for up to 3 attendees and one 6' table plus promotional opportunities before, during and after event!
  • Includes registration for up to 2 attendees and one 6' table.
  • Includes registration for 1 attendee plus promotional opportunities.
  • Must be current NCLMS member
  • Includes NCLMS membership for remainder of 2023!
  • Includes current undergraduate, graduate & doctoral students

Registration is closed

North Carolina
Lake Management Society

Spring Workshop

Harmful Algal Blooms: Identify, Respond, Mitigate

Friday, May 12, 2023
9am to 3:30pm

Center for Marine Sciences
University of North Carolina Wilmington

Bring your algal bloom sample for ID!

Draft Agenda

8:45 AM Welcome & Networking, light breakfast provided


9:00 – 10:40 AM Session 1: Algal Bloom Sampling, Identification and Toxicity

9:00 am - How to Identify and Assess an Algal Bloom
Mark Vander Borgh, M.S., Monitoring Coalition Coordinator, NC Division of Water Resources

9:25 am - Introduction to Nationwide Citizen Science Based CyanoHAB Monitoring

Jennifer Maucher Fuquay, M.S., NOAA

9:50 am - Blooming Cyanobacteria in Freshwater and Estuarine Systems in North Carolina

Catharina Alves-de-Souza, Ph.D., UNC Wilmington

10:15 am - Companion Animals as Sentinels: Animal Poison Control Center Harmful Algal Bloom Calls Suggest an Increase in Exposures in the United States and Canada (2010-2022)

Rebecca Bloch, DVM, MPH, College of Veterinary Medicine, NCSU

10:35 am - A word from our much-appreciated sponsors!

10:40 am - Networking Break

11:00 – 12:15 PM Session 2: Wet Detention Ponds – the Good, Bad and Ugly

11:00 am - Harmful Algae Blooms; A Prolific Issue in Urban Water Bodies

Amy Grogan, Ph.D. candidate – UNC Wilmington

11:25 am - Lake and Pond Sediments Harbor Large Amounts of Phosphorus

Larry Cahoon, Ph.D. –UNC Wilmington

11:50 am - Wet Detention Ponds – Metals and Toxins Repositories

Mike Mallin, Ph.D. –UNC Wilmington

12:15 pm - A word from our much-appreciated sponsors!

12:20 pm - Lunch provided on-site

1:10 pm - A word from our much-appreciated sponsors!

1:15 – 2:30 PM Session 3: Control of Algal Blooms and Aquatic Weed


1:15 pm - Discussion Panel: West Bishop, SePro; Samantha Sardes, UPL NA, Inc.; Tom Warmuth, Biosafe Systems, Inc.

2:30 pm – Networking Break

2:45 pm - Use of Microscopy to Monitor Ecosystem Health in a PUD Pond in the Upper Cape Fear/Jordan Lake Watershed
                Jerry Pulsfort - J.P. Optical/Aiken Instruments, Inc & Linda Ehrlich, Ph.D. - Spirogyra Diversified Environmental Services

3:05 pm - Final Discussions & Exciting NCLMS News!

3:30 pm - Adjournment

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