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N.C. Lake Management Society

Get to Know Your Board of Directors

The NCLMS 2022-2023 Board (L - R): Executive Director Maryann Krisovitch, Director-at-Large Craig Hoover, Past President Maverick Raber, Treasurer Mark Vander Borgh, Director-at-Large Mike Mallin, President Matt Phillips, President-elect David Hargrove, Secretary Dave "Shaky" Ferguson

President: Matthew Phillips

 a man on a boat holding aquatic vegetation

Affiliation: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services

                    Previously: Solitude Lake Management, MACTEC Engineering

Current Residence:  Charlotte, NC

Education: Undergraduate: Samford University – Environmental Science

                    Graduate: Bemidji State University – Aquatic Biology

Interest in North Carolina lake management: I enjoy going to the conferences and learning about what other organizations, groups, companies are doing on lakes.  There always is a wide range of topics.  There is a wealth of information that can be garnered from others. 

Participation with North Carolina Lake Management Society: I have been an active member for the past 5 years, since I began my employment with Mecklenburg County.  Many of my current co-workers are also active members and have also held various positions within the organization.  

Hobbies, interests, recognition, passions, etc.: I grew up fishing and small game and deer hunting.  My father’s family has land in Alabama, and I have spent many days hunting, camping, hiking and target shooting on the property.  While in graduate school, a fellow classmate got me hooked on duck and upland bird hunting and I go back every year to ND and MN to try to bag a few birds.  Wherever we go, it is hard to keep me from the water, even just to look.  

A reason or two for others to join North Carolina Lake Management Society: As mentioned, there is so much information that one can gather from the presentations at the conferences.  They can help guide and direct what you may be trying to study on a lake or body of water.  It is also an incredible organization to be able to network through and gain contacts.  Everyone shares the same ideals, values and goals when it comes to studying and protecting our water resources.  


Immediate Past President: Maverick Raber

 a close up of a man in a blue plaid shirt

Affiliation: Manager of the Surface Water Science and Environmental Instrumentation team at Duke Energy in Charlotte, NC. His team performs limnological studies and surface water quality sampling in lakes and streams across North Carolina associated with Duke’s Hydro, Nuclear, and fossil operations.  He has experience working for the Federal government (USGS), State government (NCDEQ), and local government (City of Durham) as well as well as environmental consulting firms

Current Residence: Lake Norman, NC

Education: B.A. Environmental Studies and M.S. Geology from UNC - Wilmington

Interest in North Carolina lake management: Maverick’s interest in water quality started at a young age, growing up fly fishing for trout near Asheville

Participation with North Carolina Lake Management Society:  2019

Hobbies, interests, recognition, passions, etc.: Today, he is an avid boater and fisherman, from the mountains to coastal waters, so you never know what water body you might find him recreating on!

A reason or two for others to join North Carolina Lake Management SocietyNCLMS is a great place to interact with others that are passionate about one of our state's greatest resources, lakes!


President Elect: David Hargrove

a closeup of a man in a blue polo shirt and ballcap

Affiliation:  Territory Service Manager for Foster Lake and Pond Management, Inc. His responsibilities include advising clients about private ponds, lakes, and stormwater devices.

Education: David received his B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and his B.S. in Microbiology from North Carolina State University.

Hobbies, interests, recognition, passions, etc.: David loves spending time with his family and enjoys sports.


Treasurer: Mark Vander Borgh